About Lego


Lego Lima is born in Brazil but lives and works in the Netherlands since 1992. Her ever so recognisable and expressive work already received many praising comments and received multiple awards. One of them was the most prestigious prize for graphic art in her land of birth, the award of the Curitiba Biennial.

Lego Lima exhibited among others in Brazil, the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, de USA and Japan.

Recent highlights were expositions in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Campinas, Brazil, and Museum de Wieger in Deurne, the Nederlands.

The big expressive power and the unique graphics in her art are the two elements that you will find in almost al reviews of het work.
At first, her expressive power, is a direct consequence of the passionate way Lego Lima is working.
The use of lines – unpredictable, unexpected, playfull and most authentic – is the signature of Lego Lima. The lines give the graphics of Lego their dynamics and energetic agility as well as their amazing rugged beauty.

Besides het work as a independant graphics artist, Lego also is very active with her project Connection/Conexões. She developed this exchange project to bring artists from the Netherlands and Brazil together and realized various special exchange exhibitions.
Since many years Lego also is active in primary and secundary education.